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Tag: Extraordinary

A Fairytale Town In The Alpines

A month ago with some of my photographer friends we have visited Hallstatt in Austria. I saw some photos about it earlier, but I would have never thought there had […]

Shooting large format film for the first time

Here’s an 8-minute video by photographer Irene Rudnyk with a behind-the-scenes look at her first experience in shooting portraits using a large format camera. Rudnyk used two large format monorail cameras: the Combo […]

Wet Plate Competition

The Winning Photos of the First Annual Wet Plate Competition This year, the wet plate supply brand Modern Collodion ran its first annual Wet Plate Competition. The 2018 contest received over 200 […]

Storm Chaser Mike Hollingshead

THE INCREDIBLE STORM photos in Mike Hollingshead’s portfolio include tornadoes that seem to come down right in front of him, epic lightning and apocalyptic swirling clouds. He appears to be blessed […]

The Importance of Body Language (18+)

Fascination with human body was a focal point of photographers since the invention of the medium. Variations on the theme of body explorations are multiple, and so are the approaches. Anyhow, it is […]

Bratislava Streets by Martina Korkmaz

Bratislava has a surprising amount of street art and I am not talking about graffiti. Yes, there is a difference between street art and graffiti. Street art is constructive, asks […]

Surreal Self-Portraits

Monica Lazăr is a child psychologist and a freelance photographer, based in Bucharest, Romania. She is 28 years old and have graduated with a degree in Cognitive psychology and Neurobyology. […]

Extraordinary photography by John Wilhelm

Swiss Photographer John Wilhelm surprises the internet with his extraordinary montages in which he sets up his little family. His 3 daughters, through his wife, become the creative and delusional […]