«Life Cycles» by Mike Kelley

“Life Cycles” is a new project by photographer Mike Kelley, who documented the creation, use, and destruction of airplanes through top-down photos captured from the sky. The series reverses our usual perception of aviation and instead of photographing airplanes from the sky, the airplanes are on the ground, photographed from […]

Bibi-Heybat Mosque

How many wonderful places in Baku city. Just walk and enjoy. Today I visited the Bibi-Heybat mosque. This is an active mosque, at the same time it is one of the local sight, is located in the village of Shikhovo built in the 1990s, is a recreation of […]

Hagia Sophia. Inside the great history

Greetings our dear readers. Today I will talk about the greatest historical monument. The Hagia Sophia church was a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica (church), later an imperial mosque. It’s one of the greatest buildings in human history. The date of its construction is 537 AD, and until 1453, it served as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and seat of […]

Khizi (Azerbaijan)

Khizi (Xızı) is the least-populous district of Azerbaijan. Its capital is the town of Xızı. The district has a remarkable variety of landscapes.   On the flat Caspian coast there are irrigated cattle and chicken-breeding lowlands around Shurabad. West of Giläzi, the Xızı road climbs gently through stripily coloured semi-desert landscapes known as the Candy Cane […]

Shaki (Azerbaijan)

Shaki (Azerbaijani: Şəki; until 1968 Nukha, Azerbaijani: Nuxa) is a city in northwestern Azerbaijan, in the rayon of the same name. Shaki is in northern Azerbaijan on the southern part of the Greater Caucasus mountain According to the Azerbaijani historians, the name of the town goes back to the ethnonym of the Sakas, who reached the territory […]

The mountain village Khinalig

Khinalug, Khinalugh, or Khinalig (Azerbaijani: Xınalıq; Khinalug: Kətş; also rendered as Khanaluka, Khanalyk, Khinalykh, or Khynalyk), is an ancient Caucasian village going back to the Caucasian Albanian period. It is located high up in the mountains of Quba Rayon, Azerbaijan. It is also a municipality in Quba Rayon, which consists of the villages of Khinalug and Qalayxudat. Location It is located just north of Quba in […]