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Aerial Photos with 100MP camera

Jin-Woo Prensena is a Los Angeles-based fine art photographer who shoots gorgeous aerial photos from a top-down perspective. Instead of using a drone, as is popular these days, Prensena hangs out of helicopters while wielding a Phase One XF 100MP medium format camera for 100-megapixel photos. “” via […]

World Press Photo 2018. The nominees

The top images being considered to win awards in the 61st annual World Press Photo Contest ​have just been released, with the final announcement of the winners coming on April 12. Jury members selected the nominees in eight categories, including the new environment category, from submissions made by 42 photographers […]

Photo exhibition “Cross over Russia”

Hieromonk Savvaty (in the world Sergey Sevostyanov) fond the photography since a childhood, but choosed for itself another profession: graduated from the geographical faculty of Moscow state University. With the camera, Sergei traveled almost the whole country. As the hieromonk says: the love of photography led him to God. In […]

The Underwater Photographer of the Year

The Underwater Photographer of the Year photo competition has just unveiled its winners for 2018. This year’s overall winner was German photographer Tobias Friedrich with an image titled “Cycle War” (shown above). It shows Norton 16H motorcycles loaded into the backs of submerged Fordson WOT 3 trucks. You can see a […]

Palace of Shirvanshahs

In this short photography-backed essay, we’ll take you to a journey inside one of the most prominent masterpieces of the medieval architecture of Azerbaijan. Our story is about the Palace of Shirvanshahs – a remarkable complex of different-purposed buildings erected back in XV century, by the last dynasts […]

Chen Jiagang. Abandoned landscapes.

Chen Jiagang was born in 1962 in Chongqing. He was first trained as an architect and founded the Chengdu Upriver Museum and Kunming Upriver Museum. He began his photography career around 2003 with his series Third Front – followed by The Great Third Front in 2008 -, which primarily tackle the historical […]

Kelly and Kwokin creative duo

Kelly and Kwokin is a Hong Kong based creative duo driven by the idea of creating conceptual images of lonely characters. Also known under the name ‘Relics Image’, their photographs are often provocative, flashy and conceptually staged. Their aim is to portray fictitious characters in scenes on their own. […]


Photographer Kiripi Katembo Siku, who lives in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, created a photo series “Un Regard”. He captured the daily life of the city in the original form. To do this Katembo photographed puddles with dirty rainwater, focusing on reflections. With an […]

Frozen Niagara Falls

Toronto-based photographer Adam Klekotka captured a whole new vision of the frozen falls with his stunning night photography. “When I arrived there, I was amazed by the big icicles around the falls. Additionally, the whole place is illuminated at night. What you can see in the picture is an observation […]

Self-Portraits by Alex Stoddard

Alex Stoddard is one of those talented photographers who knows how to express themselves. His self-portraits are all incredibly unique and after viewing them you’re left wondering where he’s going to take you next. What I enjoy most is that you can almost feel his passion come through. […]