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Paul Hennebelle (b. 1992, France) paints a picture of Beirut that is delicate and fragmented, a portrait of youth in a city in the making. In the context of this chaos, this perpetual construction site, the youth of Beirut is still searching for their own identity. They’re stuck […]

Photographer Caleb Kerr

Caleb Kerr is a commercial athletic and lifestyle photographer based in Austin, Texas. Insatiable curiosity is what fuels me; to do things in ways I, and others, have never done. To push the limits of what’s possible. I’m most drawn to capturing what people have poured their hearts into, […]

Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji

Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji is a 25 years old Iranian photographer. He has taking photos for about 6 years. Used wide angle lenses and sometimes panoramic technique so he can show all the details in one photo. The main interests are historical temples and old architectures and as […]

From Vietnam with love

Orsolya Karancz — photographer from Budapest, in 2008 she moved to London, where she continued work as a professional photographer. Orsolya constantly travels, her series are devoted to different countries and cultures of the world. One of the favorite places for shooting was Vietnam. “Vietnam has a special place […]

Indian and Nepal by Skanda Gautam

Skanda Gautam is a photojournalist from Kathmandu, Nepal. At the moment he works in the national daily newspaper “The Himalayan Times” In February this year Skanda visited the festival of Maha Shivaratri at the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu (Nepal). In his pictures we see colorful and solemn portraits […]

Neave Bozorgi

Receiving an impressive amount of acclaim in just three years since picking up a camera, Neave Bozorgi is a Los Angeles-based photographer who creates images that are intimate in nature and saturated with sensual nostalgia.

Soft and colorful portraits

Joseph Nansen photographer from London found himself in portrait photography and bright flower correction. All pictures are filled with positive and light. Every portrait seems to shine. A soft creamy bokeh adds some romanticism to the shots. The author’s style, although not unique, is still recognizable

B&W cities by Magda Chudzik

Magda Chudzik – Polish photographer from Krakow, specializes in urban and natural landscapes. Magda has many awards in photo contests. Also, she is a participant of many collective exhibitions, exhibited in Poland and abroad. Chudzik photographs mainly in southern Poland, northern Slovakia and Eastern Bohemia. “I like to […]


Antonin Charbouillot is a French photographer, traveler. Mostly Antonin specializes in wildlife photography. The photographer studies the relationship between people and the natural environment in the polar countries (Lapland, Alaska, Canada, etc.). His photographs are regularly published in several online magazines. Antonin independently organizes conferences devoted to his […]

The Depth of the World by Bill Brandt

The British photographer Bill Brandt (1904-1983) in his works paid much attention to social problems. He liked to shoot landscapes and nudity, but he did it in a special way. Specific perspectives and transfer of perspective make his pictures slightly abstract and not realistic, despite the fact that […]

Heading Home: In search of Heimat

Thomas Dworzak on why home isn’t necessarily our birthplace Heimat, the evocative German word that loosely translates as ‘homeland,’ is a conflicting term for those to whose language it belongs. Since its earlier, predominantly romantic use, conjuring associations with a love for the rolling hills of Bavaria and the lost utopia […]