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Category: Photographers

A Fairytale Town In The Alpines

A month ago with some of my photographer friends we have visited Hallstatt in Austria. I saw some photos about it earlier, but I would have never thought there had […]

Photographing Snow in Paris

Last winter, the weather was really special in Paris. Snow surprised residents on two occasions. It had not snowed so intensely for more than five years. So, it is easy […]

“Neon Dreams”: Streets of Tokyo at night

Matthieu Bühler is a talented German-French photographer and graphic designer who currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Matthieu loves to capture the lights of Tokyo at night illuminating the […]


CINEMATIC JAPAN Exploring Japan I fell in love with Japan. Deeply. The culture, the clean streets, the friendly and respectful people and the full spectrum of experience that it offers. […]

Auschwitz: Ultima ratio of the modern age

The concentration camp Auschwitz was created in 1940 by the order of Heinrich Himmler, the chief of the Waffen-SS (an armed wing of the Nazi Party’s SS organization). A former Polish garrison […]

Portraits by TJ Drysdale

A New York City native, TJ Drysdale is a professional portrait, fine art, and fashion photographer based in Tampa, Florida. TJ approaches photography using natural light to create ethereal images […]

Blue Mosque and the German Fountain

Many people were in Istanbul. And, for sure, almost all visited Sultanahmet – the old part of the city, where a lot of attractions were collected. I tried to combine […]

The Importance of Body Language (18+)

Fascination with human body was a focal point of photographers since the invention of the medium. Variations on the theme of body explorations are multiple, and so are the approaches. Anyhow, it is […]

Poppies (spring mood)

Once in May, I decided to go outside of the city, in order to take a picture of the dawn in the mountains, passing by the town of Shemakha (Azerbaijan), […]