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Category: Extraordinary

Fantastic Photos Of Hong Kong

Portuguese Nuno Assis’s photos show that there’s more to Hong Kong than the Big Buddha and the skyline. His photos reflect the architect’s eye for symmetry and composition. Subscribe to facebook | twitter | google+

NYC Without Light Pollution

What would New York City look like at night if there were no light pollution to shroud the stars? This 3-minute short film titled SKYGLOW NYC aims to answer. The video was […]

Storm Chaser Mike Hollingshead

THE INCREDIBLE STORM photos in Mike Hollingshead’s portfolio include tornadoes that seem to come down right in front of him, epic lightning and apocalyptic swirling clouds. He appears to be blessed […]

Bratislava Streets by Martina Korkmaz

Bratislava has a surprising amount of street art and I am not talking about graffiti. Yes, there is a difference between street art and graffiti. Street art is constructive, asks […]

Extraordinary photography by John Wilhelm

Swiss Photographer John Wilhelm surprises the internet with his extraordinary montages in which he sets up his little family. His 3 daughters, through his wife, become the creative and delusional […]

Not ordinary paper flower dresses

What do you do when you can’t afford fancy dresses? – you make them. Last winter I had a “vision” to photograph women in the snow wearing dresses made out […]

Penguin selfie

Two emperor penguins in Antarctica recently stumbled upon a camera left by researchers. Curious about their find, the penguins ended up knocking over the camera and then posing for an […]

Tokyo club kids photographed in their bathtubs

Tokyo-based Photographer Hal goes to underground bars in Shibuya and Kabukicho (Tokyo’s Red Light District), places he describes as “luscious nighttime bee hives”. Musicians, dancers, strippers, service workers and businessmen are all […]

Human Nature

“Human Nature” is a series of interconnected stories about people, nature, and the science of our relationship to wilderness. The series begins in cities and moves through forests, farms, deserts, […]

Tokyo Streets by Tatsuo Suzuki

This city continues to fascinate me. I am invited by its enchantment: I feel the shutter release. Its visuals are instantaneous, but by cutting them into a picture, they becomes […]