Category: Extraordinary

Wild West in B&W

Filip Molcan is a photographer, traveler, designer and entrepreneur from the Czech Republic. For many years Philip spent time in the mountains. One of the photographic series he dedicated to the ghost town of Bodie in California. “It was in 2010, when I first visited one of the […]

Indian and Nepal by Skanda Gautam

Skanda Gautam is a photojournalist from Kathmandu, Nepal. At the moment he works in the national daily newspaper “The Himalayan Times” In February this year Skanda visited the festival of Maha Shivaratri at the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu (Nepal). In his pictures we see colorful and solemn portraits […]

Below The Breaking Wave

I’ve always had a fascination with our world below the breaking waves. To me, it symbolises the world that we live in today, the calm after every storm. The beauty, clarity and chaos. Reefs that survive and many that have gone, fish numbers are down in oceans, where others they […]

NYC Without Light Pollution

What would New York City look like at night if there were no light pollution to shroud the stars? This 3-minute short film titled SKYGLOW NYC aims to answer. The video was created by photographers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic of SKYGLOW, an ongoing project that raises awareness for endangered night […]

Storm Chaser Mike Hollingshead

THE INCREDIBLE STORM photos in Mike Hollingshead’s portfolio include tornadoes that seem to come down right in front of him, epic lightning and apocalyptic swirling clouds. He appears to be blessed (or cursed?) when it comes to finding the most extreme weather in America’s heartland. But while luck is […]