SONYA II (18+)

Last November I made one of my long lasting dreams come true and purchased a VW T2 Westfalia Camper Van from 1976. Because my new little friend spent 40 years of his live in sunny California, the body was in a quite good condition with little rust, but the interior was pretty shabby. It took me half a year to exchange the floor, refurbish the furniture, get new curtains, exchange the seat covers, built a new table, lay 40m of new cable, replace the insulation, install a second battery, a charger, a fridge, … and finish all the thousands of little repairs which needed to be done in my view.
Just a few days after I finished the interior, Sonya, one of my favorite models, visited me and we took a short joyride. I was quite happy that we got such a great weather. The first time she was at my place we had a rainy day and stayed in my studio. This time we fully enjoyed a warm and sunny day on the road and in the countryside.
Sonya is a quite petite, but none fragile girl with full of enthusiasm and passion for her work. I adore her open-hearted, lively and curious nature as well as her introverted moments which gave some of my pictures the peace and silence I love so much.

—Florian Weiler

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