Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji

Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji is a 25 years old Iranian photographer. He has taking photos for about 6 years. Used wide angle lenses and sometimes panoramic technique so he can show all the details in one photo.

The main interests are historical temples and old architectures and as well as night photography of ancient sites. So he travel around and already have a collection of traditional baths, historical mosques, old houses, ancient sites, historical churches and other monuments.

Taking photos of historical sites is not very easy. Sometimes you will need special permissions for using tripod, being in right place of that building or photographing at night. The other thing is that many of historical places are usually crowded or may need to be there in special season or time of the year to do your best. You should be there in the right time.

Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji


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