Leica introduces new firmware


Leica has released new firmware for five of its camera models, making significant changes to the way existing features operate while also adding totally new functions in some cases. The updates effect the M10 rangefinder, the Q compact and the new CL, as well as the TL2 and the T/TL.

The highlights of the update include allowing four minute exposure times in the M10 at base ISO, and the addition of aperture value recording in the camera’s EXIF data – even though it will be an estimate. Q users get a favourites menu that can hold up to 15 items for especially quick access, and the ability to determine that the electronic shutter should be constantly on. They will also welcome faster processing of the camera’s DNG Raw files.

The CL now offers users the option to transfer the functions of the two main dials between each other, and for those who find themselves accidentally pressing buttons on the small body a new lock feature deactivates access points to keep them from being unintentionally altered.

Control over the shutter mode comes to the TL so users can choose when to shoot with the electronic or mechanical shutter, and the firmware brings focus peaking to users of the M adapter and to those using R lenses on this little camera. The T and TL bodies get better chromatic aberration correction and support for the Elmarit-TL 18mm F2.8 ASPH lens.

The firmware is available to download now, or you can take your camera to a Leica store and have someone do the job for you. For more detail see the listing from Leica below, or visit the Leica website.

via DP Review

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