How Different Lens Focal Lengths Change the Style and Direction of Portrait Photography

Newcomers to photography may have heard that 50mm or 85mm lenses are the right choice for portraiture. But did you know even as wide as 35mm can be used in the right situations? Take a look at how these three focal lengths compare and when to use them in this helpful video.

Dan and Sally Watson from Learning Cameras are using full-frame Sony cameras and lenses for this specific comparison video, but the information they share is applicable to all brands. If your camera has an APS-C crop sensor, just remember that the effective focal length of your lenses will be 1.5 times (or 1.6 times if you have a Canon camera) what the lens says on it.

If you haven’t purchased your first portrait lens yet, I highly suggest watching the video and checking out their numerous photo examples of each focal length. Think about what style of image looks most appealing to you, and listen to their reasons you may want to use one over the other.

vai FStoppers


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