Month: June 2018

Sigma firmware updates

Sigma released new firmware updates for the MC-11 adapter and lenses: Sigma MC-11 EF-E             2018/06/12            v.1.14 It has become compatible with the SIGMA 105mm F1.4 DG HSM|Art for Canon. It has become compatible with the SIGMA interchangeable lenses for Canon that have the latest firmware Ver.2.01. Art lenses (e.g. 1.4/50)   […]

Soft and colorful portraits

Joseph Nansen photographer from London found himself in portrait photography and bright flower correction. All pictures are filled with positive and light. Every portrait seems to shine. A soft creamy bokeh adds some romanticism to the shots. The author’s style, although not unique, is still recognizable


Beach portrait photography. Beach, summer, sun, wind, old manual lens, beautiful model and important part of all of this is mood. There is nothing better than a combination of all of these factors. Result before you. © Dmitry Ryabchenko Photographer: Dmitry Ryabchenko Model: NIGAR NAZIM   Check out another […]

B&W cities by Magda Chudzik

Magda Chudzik – Polish photographer from Krakow, specializes in urban and natural landscapes. Magda has many awards in photo contests. Also, she is a participant of many collective exhibitions, exhibited in Poland and abroad. Chudzik photographs mainly in southern Poland, northern Slovakia and Eastern Bohemia. “I like to […]


Antonin Charbouillot is a French photographer, traveler. Mostly Antonin specializes in wildlife photography. The photographer studies the relationship between people and the natural environment in the polar countries (Lapland, Alaska, Canada, etc.). His photographs are regularly published in several online magazines. Antonin independently organizes conferences devoted to his […]

A CARTONI Tripods Factory Tour

Renato CARTONI (Elisabetta and Beatrice’s grandfather) was a documentary filmmaker at the Istituto Nazionale Luce. Back then, he was already looking for ways to move the camera and invented the Gyro head. His new creation was shared with colleagues at the film institute, but it was not until his son Guido, founder […]