Photo Competition

Photo Contest: Levallois Prize 2018

Youg international photographic talent photo contest is now open for partipiate. Participants must be under 35 years old. You can send an application until May 2 which includes:

  • 10 to 15 photos (from one series);
  • Text to the project in English or French (max. 2000 characters);
  • A brief description of the project in English or French (up to 600 characters);
  • Completed and signed registration form of the bidder;
  • CV of the photographer (maximum 1 page).

As a result of the contest, the shortlisted photographers will be required to submit to the jury the prints of the declared frames of 30×40 cm size not later than June 2, 2018, by sending them to the postal address: Galerie Le Réverbère, 38 rue Burdeau 69001 Lyon France.

The prize fund is € 10,000. Participation is free of charge. More information is available on the contest website.

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