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World Press Photo 2018. The winners

On February 17 we publish article about nominees of the World Press Photo 2018 A few days ago World Press Photo’s official website unveiled the winning images from its 61st contest. The 2018 selection was chosen from 73,044 images captured by 4,548 international photographers from 125 nations. The first place prize of approximately $12,300 USD went to Agence France-Presse journalist Ronaldo Schemidt who snapped a photo of a young man engulfed in flames at Caracas, Venezuela during the protest against President Nicolas Maduro.


World Press Photo of the Year 2018 by Ronaldo Schemidt

Photo description:

José Víctor Salazar Balza (28) catches fire amid violent clashes with riot police during a protest against President Nicolás Maduro, in Caracas, Venezuela.

President Maduro had announced plans to revise Venezuela’s democratic system by forming a constituent assembly to replace the opposition-led National Assembly, in effect consolidating legislative powers for himself. Opposition leaders called for mass protests to demand early presidential elections. Clashes between protesters and the Venezuelan national guard broke out on 3 May, with protesters (many of whom wore hoods, masks or gas masks) lighting fires and hurling stones. Salazar was set alight when the gas tank of a motorbike exploded. He survived the incident with first- and second-degree burns.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (1)

Contemporary Issues, first prize singles. “Lagos Waterfronts under Threat.” By Jesco Denzel of Germany.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (2)

Contemporary Issues, first prize stories. “Banned Beauty.” By Heba Khamis of Egypt.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (3)

Environment, first prize singles. “Waiting For Freedom.” By Neil Aldridge of South Africa.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (4)

Environment, first prize stories. “Wasteland.” By Kadir van Lohuizen of the Netherlands.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (5)

General News, first prize singles. “Rohingya Crisis.” By Patrick Brown of Australia.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (6)

General News, first prize stories. “The Battle for Mosul.” By Ivor Prickett of Ireland.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (7)

Long-Term Projects, first prize stories. “Ich Bin Waldviertel.” By Carla Kogelman of the Netherlands.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (8)

Nature, first prize singles. “Dumpster Diver.” By Corey Arnold of USA.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (9)

Nature, first prize stories. “Warriors Who Once Feared Elephants Now Protect Them.” By Ami Vitale of the USA.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (10)

People, first prize singles. “Resignation Syndrome.” By Magnus Wennman of Sweden.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (11)

People, first prize stories. “Boko Haram Strapped Suicide Bombs to Them. Somehow These Teenage Girls Survived.” By Adam Ferguson of the USA.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (12)

Sports, first prize singles. “Royal Shrovetide Football.” By Oliver Scarff of the UK.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (13)

Sports, first prize stories. “Kid Jockeys.” By Alain Schroeder of Belgium.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (14)

Spot News, first prize stories. “Massacre in Las Vegas.” By David Becker of the USA.

Gallery of all the photos of this year’s contest you can find on the World Press Photo website

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