A Look Into the Viewfinder of the Sony a7 III

Want to see what it looks like to stare through the viewfinder of the new Sony a7 III? Photographer Manny Ortiz made this 5-minute video that shows viewfinder views of an urban photo shoot he did.

Ortiz is impressed by the camera’s Eye AF feature, which can track your subject’s eyes even in AF-C continuous autofocus mode that’s engaged while you’re holding your shutter button halfway down.

“The tracking is unbelievable,” he says. Ortiz settled on using Eye AF throughout his shoot because he found it to be so consistent in locking onto his wife’s face.

Ortiz was also a fan of the camera’s 10fps burst mode, which can help you capture those fleeting split-second moments.

With a price tag of $1,998, the Sony a7 III is the cheapest model in the company’s latest generation of full-frame mirrorless cameras. It’s set to hit store shelves in April 2018.

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