Alien Skin Exposure X3 released update

Exposure X3, has received a massive new update, dubbed the “Complete Workflow Update.” The update brings with it additional creative and organization control and new printing functionality.

Of the new update, Alien Skin CEO Finley Lee says:

“This latest update to Exposure X3 provides photographers with additional creative and organizational control and handles their printing needs as well. Exposure’s speed, stability and power makes it the fastest way for photographers to bring their vision to life.”

More specifically, there have been improvements to color controls which allow photographers to adjust hue, luminance and saturation for specific colors. Further, users can target specific colors in the images they’re processing for additional detailed adjustments.


Addressing one of my biggest issues with Exposure X3, the new update adds the ability to specify precise white balance values via Kelvin values. There are also new white balance presets based around specific Kelvin values.

For photographers who like to do their own printing, Exposure X3 will now include print capabilities, including preview, margin, output sharpening, watermarks and grid organizational capabilities.

On the organizational side of things, Exposure X3’s Complete Workflow Update includes improvements to Collections, new keyword functionality and importing from other applications and enhanced metadata for watermarks.


© Andrea Livieri

The new update also includes other numerous fixes and additional camera support. The biggest addition for camera support are 15 new presets which mimic Fujifilm’s in-camera Film Simulations. To learn more about Alien Skin Exposure X3, click here.



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