Month: March 2018

The beauty of “EVEREST”

Photographer and filmmaker Elia Saikaly has released a new time-lapse short film titled, Everest. It’s a dazzling look at the beauty of the world’s highest mountain at night. Saikaly about the experience: These time lapse images were captured as high as 6200m (camp 2) above sea level on Mt. Everest. We […]

The Last Days of Winter

Photographer Rita Voortman-Broos from the Netherlands knows firsthand what winter is. In her country it is quite severe and snowy. Rita loves the summer, so every year, waiting for warming. The weather change in the last days of winter inspires her to create beautiful atmospheric images © Rita Voortman-Broos | […]

Arnaud Taquet about car photography

Irix ambassador Arnaud Taquet about wide-angle perspective of car photography Arnaud Taquet 24-years-old, Irix Lens Ambassador, automotive commercial photographer and test driver. True petrolhead either driving or shooting when I’m not daydreaming. Travelling across Europe and the world for my clients as well as for my passion for […]

Luminosity Masks in Adobe Photoshop

Creating good, dependable, seamless selections in Adobe Photoshop can be excruciatingly slow and difficult. However, the program has entire tool sets devoted to making this task better, faster, and easier. In this Quick Tip, we’ll explore one of the easiest and most useful ways to create selections based […]

“BODYSCAPES” nude portrait series

Anton Belovodchenko’s Bodyscapes series of photographic female nudes document the details of his models’ contorted positions. The portraits are black and white and this simple form allows the viewer to appreciate the female anatomy without distraction. The positions create uncommon imagery such as emphasized spinal columns, prominent ribs or flexed […]

Alien Skin Exposure X3 released update

Exposure X3, has received a massive new update, dubbed the “Complete Workflow Update.” The update brings with it additional creative and organization control and new printing functionality. Of the new update, Alien Skin CEO Finley Lee says: “This latest update to Exposure X3 provides photographers with additional creative […]

Major ON1 Photo RAW update

ON1 just released a major update to its photo editing software ON1 Photo RAW. The update, version 2018.1, brings with it a host of feature upgrades, including: better auto-alignment for the HDR mode, improved high ISO noise reduction, and more detailed image sharpening. The update also includes a new […]