Tokyo Streets by Tatsuo Suzuki

This city continues to fascinate me. I am invited by its enchantment: I feel the shutter release. Its visuals are instantaneous, but by cutting them into a picture, they becomes universal and eternal.

This series includes both traditional street photography and portraits shot on the street. Although they are not candid photos, the portraits in “Tokyo Street” are based on (and influenced by) my candid street shots. As such, I could not have taken them if I did not also shoot street photography.

The portraits and my street photography are intertwined in a complex manner. The interaction between the two kinds of pictures makes the city more fascinating; the relationship between the two draws out the charm of this city.

 Tokyo is sometimes cruel, sometimes seductive: I catch those moments.

— Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo Suzuki born in 1965 in Tokyo. Based in Tokyo Today. Started shooting in 2008. Tatsuo Suzuki | Instagram | Flickr
“PhotoMag.blog” via lensculture

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