Kelly and Kwokin creative duo

Kelly and Kwokin is a Hong Kong based creative duo driven by the idea of creating conceptual images of lonely characters. Also known under the name ‘Relics Image’, their photographs are often provocative, flashy and conceptually staged. Their aim is to portray fictitious characters in scenes on their own. A small selection of their vibrant work can be found below. For those of you who want to see more of Kelly and Kwokin’s photographs, please visit their website or follow them on FacebookTumblr, and Instagram.

All images © by Kelly and Kwokin aka Relics Image.2015-08-12PhatEvelyn11151_kelly_32015-09-20Shooting21152015-10-20SmanthaxMotorcycle33282015-10-20SmanthaxMotorcycle36342015-10-20SmanthaxMotorcycle3650-696x4642015-12-02Shout_Phat199320170421RenataShooting086820170421RenataShooting1214_02Kelly-and-Kwokin-Photography-aka-Relics-Image-LOVE-CRIMINALKelly-and-Kwokin-Photography-aka-Relics-Image-LSDKelly-and-Kwokin-Photography-aka-Relics-Image-SADGIRL_404-Not-Found-1Kelly-and-Kwokin-Photography-aka-Relics-Image-SADGIRL_404-Not-Found-2Kelly-and-Kwokin-Photography-aka-Relics-Image-Sculpture-of-Muse-Bound-to-PleaseKelly-and-Kwokin-Photography-aka-Relics-Image-The-Girl-In-The-Other-Room



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