Shamkir – Germany corner in Azerbaijan

Have you ever been in azerbaijani Germany? If not, please welcome. In the foothills of Minor Caucasus at the north-west Azerbaijan is the city of Shamkir. You’ll be surprised and ask – is the Germans live there? They lived there since 1819, when colony of Swabian Germans from Württemberg  settled on the place of the ancient azerbaijani city of Shamkir. And they named their settlement Annendorf. At the same time besides Annendorf not far from lake Goygol, (we told about in one of our article), was founded Yelenendorf, which is now known as Goygol. A bit later was founded another six German colonial settlements. Of course Annendorf grew up and now is the center of the Shamkir district, named Shamkir city. But the reminiscent of old German heritage is the restored old quarters and the Kirche- the German Lutheran church.


© Denis Svechnikov


© Denis Svechnikov


© Denis Svechnikov


© Denis Svechnikov


© Denis Svechnikov

Photographer and author: Denis Svechnikov for “”


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