Ali Shamsi. The world of colors.

In the heart of Baku – Icherisheher (the Old City), surrounded by the walls of ancientfortress, there is a place through that it’s difficult to get past as for a guests as for a citizens of capital. And it’s not about that it’s located on a vibrant street through which tourists routes pass. This place is so extraordinary and conspicuous so every passer-by stops to consider it more closely. This is the workshop of the famous Azerbaijani painter Ali Shamsi. He known not only in Azerbaijan, his personal exhibitions took place in Baku, Berlin, Dresden, Paris, Huston, Riga, Dubai, London and other cities.


By opening the door and enter into the workshop, you find yourself in a unique world of his creativity. Ali meets every visitor as a dear guests. By the way, creativity is very diverse, but the main role in it, is assigned to women. The female beginning is seen in many works of painter, whether it’s portraits or abstract, trully cosmic paintings.


Ali said: “I’m painting a woman. They like a peaks. You can’t have a woman forewer. She will slip away or drop you, and will love on. As a reward, leaving only a glance allowing to penetrate into her soul by a thin beam. I’m painting they world. I love them, understand and …, don’t hope to understand them completely. Each time I’m just trying to signify the other side of the woman’s soul”


Another passion of Ali is mountains. For the sake of this passion, he went to the Himalayas where he was ascent barefoot. Barefoot he walks almost always, says that he feels the energy of the earth.

“I’m painting mountains. The peak of mountains is opening seldom. It usually closed by a mist. But once you get to the top, you can’t stay there a long time. I’m painting mountains in the hope to catch that moment when it opened” – that’s what Ali says about mountains.


If you haven’t been visiting Ali, or going to visit Baku, Shamsi Ali’s workshop is a place where you need to go for sure! It is located at the Baku city, Icheri Sheher, Kichik Gala str. 84.

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Photographer and author: Denis Svechnikov for “”


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