Exhibitions & Awards

The 1x Decade prime works exhibition in Shanghai

The 1x Decade exhibition in Shanghai is now open! It’s taking place at the observation deck in Shanghai World Financial Center, the second tallest skyscraper overlooking the city, a really magnificent venue. It features 68 of our best works from our past 10 years in the service of art.


Forever Visual Image and the team behind the exhibition have put a huge amount of hard work and dedication into this project, working all night for many days to make this possible. The images are absolutely stunning in print and with the professional lighting it almost looks like the they have come alive.


The exhibition is open until March 18.

“1x Decade” Prime Works Exhibition Shortlist

Alejandro Marcos

© Alejandro Marcos


© Ambra

Angéla Vicedomini

© Angéla Vicedomini

Anja Buehrer

© Anja Buehrer

Antonio Grambone

© Antonio Grambone

Arash Ashkar

© Arash Ashkar

Ben Goossens

© Ben Goossens

Bragi Ingibergsson

© Bragi Ingibergsson

Carla DLM

© Carla DLM

Christophe Kiciak

© Christophe Kiciak

Dave Nitsche

© Dave Nitsche


© DDiArte

Derek Galon

© Derek Galon

Dina Bova

© Dina Bova

Fang Tong

© Fang Tong

Fernand Hick

© Fernand Hick

Gilbert Claes

© Gilbert Claes

Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp

© Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp

Ian Plant

© Ian Plant

Jacob Tuinenga

© Jacob Tuinenga



Jef Van den Houte

© Jef Van den Houte

Jeffrey Wu

© Jeffrey Wu

Jian Wang

© Jian Wang

John Wilhelm

© John Wilhelm

Jörg Heidenberger

© Jörg Heidenberger

Jure Kravanja

© Jure Kravanja


© Kenp

Kiyo Murakami

© Kiyo Murakami

Lara Kantardjian

© Lara Kantardjian

Mario Grobenski

© Mario Grobenski

Martin Krystynek

© Martin Krystynek

Mikhail Potapov

© Mikhail Potapov

Mirela Momanu

© Mirela Momanu

Paul Apal_kin

© Paul Apal’kin

Paulo Abrantes

© Paulo Abrantes

Peter Svoboda

© Peter Svoboda

Petko Petkov


Piet Flour

© Piet Flour

Rui Palha

© Rui Palha

Sebastian Kisworo

© Sebastian Kisworo

Shlomi Nissim

© Shlomi Nissim

Sol Marrades

© Sol Marrades

Stefan Eisele

© Stefan Eisele

Sulaiman Almawash

© Sulaiman Almawash

Tommy Ingberg

© Tommy Ingberg

Tristan Shu

© Tristan Shu

Yan Zhang

© Yan Zhang

Yiming Hu

© Yiming Hu

Yvette Depaepe

© Yvette Depaepe

“PhotoMag.blog” via 1x.com


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