Marvelous beauty of Goygol and Maralgol lakes

Near the ancient Azerbaijani city of Ganja located two rare beauty lakes – Goygol and Maralgol. The lakes were formed as a result of the devastating earthquake of 1139, in which the top of the mountain Kapaz collapsed and fell into the river Ahsu (Lakes Goygol and Maralgol are located at the foot of Mount Kapaz) Formed dams became lakes. Goygol is located at an altitude of 1556 meters above sea level, and Maralgol of 1698 meters. Currently, the territory of the lakes is the “Goygol Nature Park”. In the “Goygol Nature Park” lives a lot of animals – bears, wolves, foxes, wild boars, deer, mountain goats, roe deer, lynx and etc. Trout dwells in the lakes themselves.


Maralgol is incredibly beautiful lake, in windless weather in the water surface as in a mirror reflected the top of the mountain Kapaz.




Goy Gol translation from Azerbaijani is mean a blue lake (goy – blue, gol – lake). It is indeed at a certain angle of incidence is light blue, even navy blue.



Author and photographer: Denis Svechnikov for “”


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