The unique Lake Garanohur

High in the mountains, between the dense forests lies the picturesque Lake Garanohur. The road to it leads through a thick thicket, mountain slopes and hills, therefore you can only reach the lake on foot. Travelers will have to overcome the four hours, but at the finish they are rewarded – a natural miracle of unique beauty.


Lake Garanohur is located in the Shahdag National Park and is protected by the state. The nearest settlement to the lake is the village of Talistan, Ismaili region.

At seven o’clock in the mornig we left Baku city and took the road to the village of Talistan, in Ismayli region. At 10 o’clock in the morning we finnaly arrived to the village Talistan. After 10 minutes we started to move to the lake Garanohur, and reached the lake only by two o’clock in the afternoon. Sometimes on my way I saw footprints on the footpaths, that indicate the wild animals also pass through them. Bears, wolves, wild cats. But this does not stop anyone.

The way to the lake passes through dense thickets and therefore it was necessary to recheck every step, we didn’t know what could be hidden under the vegetation. But coming out of the thickets, an amazing picture opens before us. In the middle of the forest there is a beautiful lake, illuminated by a bright light.


The tectonic Lake Garanohur is located at an altitude of 1540 m in the mountainous area of ​​the Ismaili district. It is transparent and pure as a tear, and in each season of the year has its own unusual beauty. Our trip was accomplished in October so we saw the beauty of Garanohur in autumn.

When you are visitin such places, when you see naked nature, when you hear silence, you understand that our life in cities is nothing. We must take care about nature.

Photographer: Dmitry Ryabchenko for “”


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