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Adding Life To Eyes (little trick using photoshop)

Hi. Let’s talk about how to improve your portrait in a few simple steps.

Photographer and retouching expert Matt Kloskowski made 14 minute video that shows on technique for adding life back into a portrait subject’s eyes using Photoshop. After viewing this video I’ve diceded to share with youwith this simple trick. So, let’s start. First we need one of your portrait, or may it will be your family portrait, or whatever whose, it also could be your pet portrait. For this example I took portrait from the google image search.

This is the original image, may be it is not a best portrait for retouching, but anyway let’s start.


Open your image. Create a new blank layer. Select “Elliptical Marquee Tool” Use “shift” key to draw circle on the eyes.


Once you draw circle fill it with the white color. For this you can use menu bar or if you know another way, you may do that like you know or want. Press “Edit” then “Fill” select “White” and press OK.


Put this circle a little bit up with “up” arrow on your keyboard and press “Del” button to make a crescent moon. Like this


Next step is to erase corners on a crescent moon . Use “Erase” tool to remove sharp corners. Then use filter “Gaussian Blur” to make the crescent moon blurred. Use you own value. Because it depends on image size and quality. In my case optimal “Radius” is 3 pixels. Look at the result. Do you see the difference between left and right eyes?


After blurring crescent moon, change the layer to “Overlay” or “Soft Light” And see the result. Copy your layer with bloored crescent moon and move it to another eye. Remember that you can use the opacity slider on your adjustment layer to change the strength of the effect.

Let’s see the final result.

Left image is before, right is after.


That’s all. It is simple, fast and picture looks much lively

Thank’s for this trick to Matt Kloskowski. Share this tutorial with your friends and follow us.

“” via Matt Kloskowski


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