Mud volcanoes. Frozen in mosaic.

Today our trip will involve with a dangerous and at the same time beautiful natural phenomenon like mud volcanoes. They are dangerous because they are not predictable, and can erupt all their might at any moment. Azerbaijan has more than 300 mud volcanoes. They are related by origin to oil and gas fields. The most famous and visited volcanoes located in Gobustan.

Mud volcanoes

So, collecting all the photo ammunition we went to Gobustan. But we decided for ourselves that our trip should not be involve with standard places for tourists. We were looking for a place where people do not exist. Where untouched nature.



But this was incidentally  a huge disadvantage when we returned back. We simply lost our way when the sun disappeared behind the horizon. First I wanted to stay, to shoot milky way galaxy with stars and nebulas, but they convinced me not to do that, and we started to move. It was easy to climb a pretty serious mountain. When sun is shining everything is easy 🙂 But after come down from the other side of the mountain we’ve started to look for a road. Darknes, no roads, no people, no one around, only field 🙂 Even cellular communication does not work. That was really scared 🙂



Finding way in a huge field where there are no buildings or people, where around is only thickets snakes and jerboas were very difficult. Finnaly, after spending several hours in the field, we found a road, the same one on which we arrived, and returned safely back to Baku.

Mud volcanoes

This trip was unforgettible for us. We’ve took a lot if pictures of this beautiful place. GOBUSTAN.



Photographer: Dmitry Ryabchenko for “”


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