Bibi-Heybat Mosque

How many wonderful places in Baku city. Just walk and enjoy. Today I visited the Bibi-Heybat mosque. This is an active mosque, at the same time it is one of the local sight, is located in the village of Shikhovo built in the 1990s, is a recreation of the mosque with the same name built in the 13th century by Shirvanshah Farrukhzad II Ibn Ahsitan II, which was completely destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1936, at a time when the struggle was going on throughout the Soviet Union against religion.

Bibi-Heybat Mosque

The mosque is a complex, which includes the graves and tombs of revered people. Also here is the grave of Ukema khanum, which is considered as monumental monument of Islamic architecture of Azerbaijan.

Bibi-Heybat Mosque

According to the inscription, which is carved in stone, the mosque was erected over the tomb of the daughter of the Shiite imam Moussa al-Qazim, who fled to these parts from the caliphs. Here, according to the same inscriptions, the burial place of the nurse Ukeyma khanum and many noblemen who are bequeathed to bury them in the Bibi-Heybat mosque.


In the 1920s, after the Soviet regime was established in the country, a fierce war with religion began. But with the advent of state independence in 1990’s, many monuments of architecture were restored in the country, as well as religious buildings. In 1998, the masters began to erect a Bibi-Heybat mosque. The masters carried out works on old sketches, which miraculously survived. However, the new complex is much larger than the original, as it is planned to create prayer grounds for believers in the courtyard. The magnificent landmark of Azerbaijan is a model of classical Shirvan architecture. The best architects have tried to use all the canonical foundations of this direction: its chiaroscuro, scale and so on. The new building of the mosque from the three domes preserved the “corrugated” form of the original.


Please welcome to Baku city, there is a lot of many interesting historical monuments to see.


Photographer: Dmitry Ryabchenko for “”


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