Month: January 2018

Full Panasonic GF-10 specs leaked

Those are the specs of the new Panasonic GF-10 that will be announced tomorrow (February 1). Text google translated form japanese: 16M Live MOS sensor High Speed ​​AF of 0.07 seconds is realized with Space Recognition AF High precision capable of 180 degrees tilt Approximately 1.04 million dots […]

Mind-Bending Photos by Chema Madoz

The Spanish photographer Chema Madoz takes original objects and creates unexpected compositions from them. A peculiar creative vision helps him to shoot black and white photos with non-standard shapes or surrealistic motifs. “The fact is that I don’t give any thought to the reaction they’ll cause in the […]

10 best mirrorless cameras of 2017-2018

We prepared short review of 10 best mirrorless cameras of 2017-2018. Lets’ consider them. The mirrorless camera revolution is in full swing. These impressive digital cameras pack large sensors into compact bodies, to produce a smaller, lighter and simpler camera. And unlike other compacts, you can buy interchangeable lenses […]

Canon May Add Fingerprint ID

Fingerprint ID is used on many smartphones these days for security and identification, but would you like to see the same feature on your camera gear? Canon has apparently developed a fingerprint ID system that can identify the photographer using the camera or lens. A new Canon patent […]